Reporting your employer

Reporting your employer is also called ‘whistle-blowing’. You can report your employer to different organisations that are there to set standards for employers. These organisations can also enforce the law about your employment rights.


Get information about whistle-blowing from:

the Government – what is whistle-blowing?

Public Concern At Work – frequently asked questions and answers about whistle-blowing

the Government – a list of organisations you can report your employer to

Public Concern At Work has a Whistle-blowing Helpline: 020 7404 6609 or email

Reporting health and safety concerns

If you need to report a health and safety problem at work you have to speak to the right ‘enforcing authority’. Sometimes this is the Health and Safety Executive, sometimes its Brent Council or another enforcing authority.

HSE – check to see which authority you make a report to

Brent Council – report an employer to Brent Health and Safety Team

HSE – contact HSE to raise a concern

the Government – report someone to the Gangmaster Licensing Authority. Other languages available


If you need more help with reporting your employer, choose find local help below:

Find a local adviser


Further steps

There is a further step you can take. This is taking legal action. Choose Taking legal action below.

Taking legal action

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