Problems with Pay

You have a right to be paid for all work you do unless you are a volunteer or unless you have agreed to work for no pay as an intern or on a work placement.

Your rights on pay

Read your contract to find out what it says about your pay before you try to sort a problem out.

Work out what you are owed.

Use the information below to work out what you are owed. If you don’t find what you need here, choose Your rights on pay above too.

Trades Union Congress – Frequently Asked Questions about problems with pay

Trades Union Congress – Can my employer make deductions from my pay?

Citizens Advice Bureau – downloadable Fact Sheet: employers withholding pay

Citizens Advice Bureau – what to do if your employer won’t pay Statutory Sick Pay

Trades Union Congress – Calculate unpaid overtime

Trades Union Congress – Work out your pay rate in hours, days, weeks, months or annually

Taking action

You can take action to get paid.  The steps to take get more formal  as you go along and there are time limits on how long you can take. Choose Taking Action below. If you are unwell because of this problem choose Support if you are ill at work below.

Taking Action

Support if you are ill because of work

Not a problem about pay?

Choose one of the 3 options below.

Option 1 Problems with Pensions

Option 2 Problems at Work

Option 3 Work 

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