Facing Redundancy

What is redundancy?

There are many reasons why an employer might make workers redundant. It might be because the business is stopping trading or because new technology means that some jobs are no longer needed. But your employer has to follow strict procedures if they want to make someone redundant. For example you have a right to be consulted in good time and you might also have a right to get redundancy pay.

Whatever the reason your employer must follow legal guidelines.

Your rights when facing redundancy

Find out about your rights when facing redundancy from;

the Government – rights in redundancy

the Government – rights if your employer goes out of business

Money Advice Service 

Citizens Advice Bureau

Trade Union Congress – downloadable guide

Trade Union Congress – frequently asked questions and answers

ACAS – the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service

Being made redundant

Whatever the reason your employer must follow legal guidelines if they want to make anyone redundant. Find more information and advice about being made redundant from:

Citizens Advice Bureau – when can an employer make you redundant

Money Advice Service – unfair dismissal versus redundancy

Money Advice Service – what is voluntary redundancy

Trades Union Congress – booklet about facing redundancy

If you are being made redundant and are not sure if your employer is following the right process find a local adviser.

Find a local adviser

Redundancy pay

How much redundancy pay you get depends on how long you have worked for the same employer and what your employment status is. Find out about redundancy pay from;

Trades Union Congress

Citizens Advice Bureau

Money Advice Service

Trades Union Congress – redundancy pay calculator

Money Advice Service – claiming back tax if you are made redundant

If you think your employer is not paying you redundancy pay your are entitled to get specialist advice. Choose Find a local adviser below.

Find a local adviser


After Redundancy

Get information and advice about what to do after you are made redundant from:

Citizens Advice Bureau – what happens after you are made redundant

Money Advice Service – changing your career after redundancy

If you need help finding work because you have been made redundant, choose Out of Work below.

Out of Work

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