Changes to my contract

Changes to your contract

Some of your employment rights are protected by law. Others are part of your contract.

More information about which rights are part of the law

If your employer wants to change your contract they have to talk to you about it and get your agreement before they make the change. This is also true when one company takes over another company and wants to change your contract.

Find information and advice about changes to your employment contract from:

Trades Union Congress – can my employer change my contract?

Trades Union Congress – frequently asked questions and answers about contract changes

Trades Union Congress – frequently asked questions and answers about company take-overs

the Government – problems with changes to contracts

Citizens Advice Bureau – downloadable Fact Sheet about changes to contracts

If you belong to a union they can help you sort through the problem:

Trades Union Congress – find a union

Taking action about changes to contracts

You can take action if your employer does not follow the right process when they want to change your contract of employment.

Taking action

If you need more help, find a local adviser.

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