Local jobs and employment support

There are organisations and schemes that are set up to help people in Brent find work.

Local employment support

LIFT – support for people living in the NW10 area

Hyde Housing – help for Hyde Housing residents at Hillside

Mama Youth Project – training for young people wanting to go into media or TV

Toucan Employment – help for people with learning difficulties

Brent Council has a list of other organisations in Brent that might be able to help you find a job or give you support while you are looking for a job:

Brent Council Employment and Enterprise directory

Government help and local JobCentre Plus

There are 4 JobCentre Plus offices in Brent




Willesden The Job Centre Plus is part of the Government’s Department of Work and Pensions. All the people who work in your local Job Centre Plus must follow the DWP Service Standards when you get in touch with them.

Department of Work and Pensions Service Standards

Help finding work if you are ill or disabled

Disability Rights UK – Access to Work Fact Sheet

the Government – Access to Work Grants

the Government – residential training courses

the Government – Work Choice

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