How to apply for jobs


‘CV’ means curriculum vitae. It is Latin for ‘courses of life’. It is the phrase used for the document you use as a job seeker to tell the employer about yourself and why they should ask you to an interview for a job.

Large employers and recruitment agencies normally get many CVs a day. You need to make sure that your CV is a good one that makes you stand out from the rest.

BAM downloadable Fact Sheet – how to write a CV

BAM downloadable Template – CV

BAM downloadable Fact Sheet – suggestions for a parent’s CV

TotalJobs – CV mistakes 

Cover Letters

A cover letter is a document that you change to match each job application or application to a recruitment agency you make.

BAM downloadable Fact Sheet – how to write a cover letter

BAM downloadable Template – cover letter for unemployed

BAM downloadable Template – cover letter for temporary job

BAM downloadable Template – cover letter for part-time job

BAM downloadable Template – cover letter for recent student

BAM downloadable Template – cover letter for change of job

Job application forms

You might have to fill in a job application form that the employer sends you. This might be a:

  • link to an online application form;
  • word document sent to you or that you download;
  • paper application form sent to you in the post.

BAM downloadable Fact Sheet – top tips for job application forms

BAM downloadable Fact Sheet – online application forms

Person Specifications

Person specifications tell you what the company thinks a perfect job candidate looks like. It tells you what skills and experience are essential to the job and what are just desirable – things that are nice to have. Use the person specification to work out if you have the essentials. You might have learned a skill or got experience in a different type of role to the job you are looking at. It still counts because skills and experience are transferable.

Watch a video – what are person specifications? – matching your skills to a person specification


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