Coping with being out of work

Claiming benefits

You should claim benefits if you are unemployed.  There is nothing to be ashamed of in claiming benefits. You are entitled to claim and you need money to live on.

It is important that you do claim so that your National Insurance Contributions carry on being made.  Everyone in work in the UK pays National Insurance Contributions from their wages or salary. These contributions build up a State Pension.

When you claim benefits the government keeps paying these contributions for you.

Find out about benefits you can claim

Looking after yourself

Being unemployed can be stressful.

This is natural because:

  • it can take away your confidence;
  • you might feel you have lost some independence;
  • you might feel that the longer it takes to get a job, the harder it is.

When you are out of work you might begin to feel unwell, more stressed or worried. It is important you look after yourself when you are out of work. Get information and help from NHS Choices about:

Low mood and depression

Dealing with depression

10 Stress-Busters

Ways to relieve stress

Living on less money

When you are out of work you will have less money coming in. You need to be careful about where and how you spend it.

Find help with living on less money

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