Choosing a job or career move

Choosing your next job or career move is an important decision. It can be confusing or worrying:

  • if you want to a particular type of job or career and have not yet been able to get it;
  • you do not know what you want to do next.

I don’t know what I want to do next

It is not normally possible to get a well-paid job without the training, qualifications or experience.

But you do not need higher education qualifications to get a good wage. You can start on a ‘career progression route’ to a well-paid job by;

  • starting work in a lower-paid role;
  • asking for on-the-job training paid for by your employer;
  • adding to your skills and experience by sometimes doing work that is not your normal role;
  • asking for promotion or a pay rise or applying for better paid jobs.

Whatever you do next you need to have enough money coming in to pay rent, taxes, food, bills and any priority debts you have.

Help deciding what to do next

Career-test – take a personality test to see if there are careers that suit your personality

BBC Science – take a BBC Science Personality test

TotalJobs – what job can I do

National Careers Service – Skills Health Check

Local careers advice

Brent Council – National Careers Service Drop-ins at libraries

Brent Connexions Service Drop-ins

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