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Time off work

You have the right to have time off work paid at your normal wage rate in most cases. How much time off you can have depends on two things:

  1. if the time off is a protected by law – is it a statutory right;
  2. if the time off is included in your contract – is it part of the agreement between you and your employer.

Read your contract to see what it says about time off.

You must tell your manager or supervisor at work you want time off before you take it. The amount of notice you have to give might not be included in your contract so speak to your manager or supervisor as soon as you know you want time off.

There are different reasons why you can take time off work.

Time off for family reasons

New mums – Statutory Maternity Leave

New dads – Statutory Paternity Leave

If you adopt a child through Brent Council Adoption Team – Statutory Adoption Leave

If you need to take time off to look after your children – Parental Leave

If you need to take time off to look after a relative – Carers Time Off

Guide for Working Carers – Brent Carers Centre

Time off for personal reasons

If you want to take a break from your career –Career Break

If you want to take time off for training or study – Study Leave

If you are ill – Sick Leave

If you or a family member has an emergency – Compassionate Leave

Time off for holidays

Holiday or ‘Annual’ Leave

Holiday calculator

Public or ‘Bank’ Holidays

Other reasons

If you have been asked to be a member of a Jury – Jury Leave

If you are an active Trade Union Representative– Trade Union Leave

If you have problems getting time off work, choose Problems at Work below:

Problems at work

Flexible Working

Many employees and workers have a statutory right to ask your employer to change the pattern of hours you work to suit you better. Everyone who is an employee and who has worked for the same employer for at least 26 weeks has this right. Find information about what flexible working is and how to ask for it from;

Citizens Advice Bureau

the Government


Trade Unions

A trade union is an organised group of workers who join together to protect their rights at work and to give support to people when they have problems at work. You should be able to join a trade union if you want to.

Is there a Trade Union for your type of work or industry?

Find a Trade Union in Britain

If you are having problems about joining or being in a trade union choose problems at Work below:

Problems at work

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