Your health, safety and wellbeing at work

Your health, safety and wellbeing are just as important at work as they are in other areas of your life.

The law makes employers responsible for making sure your job and your work place are safe and do not harm you, if you are doing your job properly.

They must also help if you have an accident or become ill because of the job you do, or because of the place you work.

You are responsible for;

  • knowing about any risks you face because of your job
  • knowing what your employer has done to stop the risk turning into harm
  • doing your job properly so that any risk does not turn into harm

If you know your rights and you can work out what might be a risk to your health and safety, you can look after yourself better. Watch a video about some possible health and safety risks at work.

Some risks to your health at work – transcript of video

HSE – Frequently asked questions and answers about health and safety at work

NHS Choices – Healthy Workplace Assessment

HSE – Index of topics on workers’ health and safety

Choose from the two options below to find out more about your rights and what you can do to protect your health, safety and wellbeing at work

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OPTION 2 → Illness, injuries and accidents at work

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