Your rights in work

What you can find here

These pages give you information and advice about work (employment) and your rights at work (employment rights) like:

  • Employment contracts;
  • Pay and pensions;
  • Other benefits you can expect at work;
  • Your health, safety and wellbeing at work;
  • Help to deal with problems at work.

Some of your rights at work are part of the law. These are called ‘statutory employment rights’. Other rights are part of your employment contract.

Knowing your rights means you can help yourself if things go wrong.

Getting Started – Employment contracts

Employment contracts are agreements between you and your employer that tell you about many things you can expect from work.

We recommend that you look at the pages on employment contracts first because they are so important when it comes to knowing your rights.

Find information about employment contracts

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Choose one of the three options below:

OPTION 1 Pay and Pensions

OPTION 2 Other benefits

OPTION 3 Your health, safety and wellbeing at work

If you have a problem at work choose ‘Problems at Work’ below:

Problems at Work

If you are out of work and want help choose ‘Getting Work’ below:

Getting Work

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