Independent Financial Advice

Independent Financial Advisers help people make decisions about the best thing to do with their money for the long term.

If you are not sure what to do with your money for the future, you may need to get help from a ‘regulated and qualified Independent Financial Adviser’. You may have to pay to get the advice.


Regulated means the adviser has to work to strict standards and has registered with the Financial Conduct Authority, that makes sure of this.

FCA – search the Financial Services Firms register


Qualified means the adviser has studied and has a good level of knowledge about many different money matters.

Unbiased – different financial adviser qualifications


Independent means the adviser will look at all the companies and financial information available before giving you advice about what the right thing to do is.

Money Advice Service – independent advice or ‘restricted’ advice

There are other types of financial adviser and you may not have to pay to get advice from them. But if they give you bad advice you may not be able to get the money back if your adviser is not:

  • regulated and
  • qualified and
  • independent

Do I need independent financial advice?

Money Advice Service can help you decide if you need  an independent financial adviser. Call them now to talk about your situation. The number is on the right hand side of this page. Or choose the link below.

Money Advice Service – do I need an adviser?

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Institute of Financial Planning


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