I can’t afford to save!

Everyone can save a little bit. It is always worth trying to save even small amounts of money. They add up over time and it’s a good habit to get into – unless you have debts.

Saving or Paying Debts?

It’s better to pay off debts before saving because the cost of debt is higher than the benefit you get from your savings.

MoneySavingExpert – why you should pay debts before saving

Watch a Money Advice Service video about whether to save or pay debts.

If you have debts choose Help with debts below.

Help with debts

Doing a Personal Budget will show you what you need to spend on priority bills or debts, before you put money aside for saving. Choose Help doing a Personal Budget below.

Help doing a Personal Budget

How much should I save?

If you can start saving now work out how much should you put aside each week or month. Choose How much should I save below.

How much should I save?

Not interested in saving?

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