How much should I save?

There are four steps to work out how much you should save.

1. Decide what you want to save for

Is it for emergencies? Get advice from the Money Advice Service about:

Saving for emergencies

Action plan for building emergency savings


Is it for something you want like a holiday or a new gadget? Get advice from the Money Advice Service about:

Reaching a savings goal


2. Work out how much you can afford to save

Do a Personal Budget so you know what you need to spend on priorities before you put money aside for saving. Choose How to do a Personal Budget below.

How to do a personal budget


3. Use a Savings Calculator

When you know how much you can afford to save use a Savings Calculator below to work out how long you need to save for.

Money Advice Service – savings calculator


4. Decide which account you want to save in.

There are different savings accounts that pay different rates of interest and have different conditions on taking the money out. Choose Starting to Save below to get advice about different accounts.

Starting to Save

Not interested in saving?

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