Can they afford to pay me?

Check to see if the person or company is able to pay you for the work you have done.

Assets and Liabilities

‘Assets’ means the total amount of equipment and money a company has.

‘Liabilities’ means the total amount of debt or loans they owe.

If a company has more liabilities than assets it is less likely they can afford to pay you. Use Company Check to see what assets and liabilities companies have.

Company Check

Court Orders

When people or companies have not paid what they should in the past, they may have a Country Court Judgement or Administration Order made against them. Information like this can be useful:

  • to help work out if it’s worth taking action;
  • if you need to go to court to get paid.

Use the Registry Trust Online to check the records of County Court Judgements, fine defaults and Administration Orders. There is a £4 fee for each search.

Registry Trust Online


When a person or company goes bankrupt it can be difficult to get the money you are owed. ‘Bankruptcy’ means the person or company has too many debts to pay them all and has asked the Courts to protect them from the people they owe money to. Use the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Register to see if someone has filed for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Register

If the person or company you are interested in has applied to go bankrupt you may still be able to get some money back.

You could register your claim as a ‘creditor’ in their bankruptcy case.

the Government – registering as a creditor

Taking Action

If you think they can afford to pay you choose one of the two options below.

Option 1 Lower cost action

Option 2 Higher cost action

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