I am owed money for work I have done

If you think you are owed money for work you have done, you can take action to get paid.

Evidence of the work

Have you got any evidence that you agreed to do the work and to be paid for it?

Evidence can be:

  • A contract of employment. If you have a contract of employment, your right to be paid is protected by law. Your employer may have taken money out of your pay wrongly.
  • If you do not have a contract of employment evidence can be:
    • a letter, email, text message or even a Facebook conversation about what you agreed to do and what you agreed to get paid for it. This is your ‘contract of service’.
    • evidence that you have done the work. This could be receipts for things you bought to do the work.

If the person or company that owes you money won’t pay, it will be difficult to ask a court to make them pay, if you have no evidence. Try to get some evidence.

Have you got evidence?

Choose one of the three options below.

OPTION 1 → Yes I’ve got a contract of employment

OPTION 2 → Yes I’ve got evidence of a contract of service

OPTION 3 → Yes I’ve got evidence I have done the work

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