I am owed money lent to someone

Before you start to take action, think about how important the relationship is that you have with the person you lent money to in comparison to the money.

For the future

Before you lend to a friend or family member check to make sure:

  • you can afford to lose the money;
  • if they can afford to pay it back;
  • what they want the money for.

Money – an article to help you think about lending

Before you take action

Think about the time you lent them money and what has happened since. There may be reasons why your friend or a family member has not paid you back. Maybe they:

  • forgot you lent them your money;
  • cannot afford to pay you back and are embarrassed about it;
  • believe you gave them the money and do not expect to pay it back.

Remind them that:

  • you lent them the money and how much it is;
  • you only lent it, you did not give it.

Read articles with suggestions about what to do when a friend hasn’t paid you back.

Money Crashers


Taking action

You might want to take more action to get your money but remember this might affect your relationship.

Taking lower-cost action


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