Non-priority debts

You have chosen a non-priority debt.

‘Non-priority’ means your creditors cannot ask the court to take your home or send you to prison. This means non-priority debts are less important than priority debts.

But if your personal situation means this debt is urgent then take the action below and then get more advice if you need it.

7 steps to controlling your debts

You can take action now to stop your debts getting out of control.

  1. List all the people and companies you owe money to and how much you owe to each one. These are your ‘creditors’.
  2. Look through your list. Decide which ones are priority debts and which are non-priority and add this information to your list. Check using   StepChange – what to pay first.  If you only have one debt then skip this step.
  3. Work out what stage your debts are at.      Check using   What stage are my debts at?    Add this information to your list.
  4. If you have priority debts put them at the top of your list. Put other priority debts underneath. Then put the non-priority debts last.
  5. Do a Personal Budget to work out how much money you can use to pay your debts. You will have to show your Personal Budget to creditors to get them to accept less money from you.  Find help with doing   Personal Budgets
  6. Start with the worst priority debts. Take the actions for each one shown on    What stage are my debts at?  for each debt.
  7. See if you can increase the amount of money you can use to sort out debts with.   Find help   increasing your income

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