What do you owe on?

Debts and bills come in two sorts – ‘priority’ and ‘non-priority’.

  1. Priority: the people or company you owe money to – your creditors – can ask a court to take your home or send you to prison if you don’t pay.
  1. Non-priority: the people or company you owe money – your creditors – to cannot ask the court to take your home or send you to prison.

Your next step depends on which sort of debts you have – priority debts or non-priority debts.

Choose the debt or payment you want to know about from the 12 options below.

Option 1 — Benefit overpayment or social fund loan arrears

Option 2 — Council tax arrears

Option 3 — Court fine arrears

Option 4 — Credit card, store card or catalogue arrears

Option 5 — Gas and electricity

Option 6 — Loan to a company or bank or building society but not on a home

Option 7 — Loan from family or friends

Option 8 — Mobile phone, landline or broadband

Option 9 — Mortgage for where I live, or another property

Option 10 — Overdraft with a bank

Option 11 — Rent or service charges for where I live

Option 12 — Tax

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