Struggling with Payments

You chose “I cannot afford to pay but I have not had letters or calls yet”. You can take action to stop debts building up.

1. Do a Personal Budget

To work out how much money you have to pay the bill with and how much you need to live on. Choose How to do a Personal Budget below.

How to do a Personal Budget

2. Work out how much you can pay towards this bill each week or month and when you can start

This is your ‘offer’ to the company. Your offer must be:

  • sustainable – you have to be able to make the same payment each week or month until the debt is paid off
  • fair – to you and the company you owe money to

3. When you know what offer, call them and

  • ask for the full name of the person you are speaking with and write it down
  • tell them you are having difficulty making the payments
  • tell them about the offer you want to make, why it’s sustainable and fair
  • if you don’t understand what they are saying tell them and ask them to explain it again
  • make a note of what they say and the date you called them

4. Follow up with an email or letter making your offer in writing

If you are vulnerable for example if you are disabled, live with a long term illness, are pregnant or have children you should include this in the letter.

Get example offer letters from:

Citizens Advice Bureau

National Debt Line – for a debt in one name only

National Debt Line – for a debt in joint names

If you need more help choose find a local adviser below.

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