Possession Order or Eviction Notice

You chose “I have got a notice from the Court about possession or eviction because of arrears”. You need specialist advice.

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Eviction in the next few days or weeks

Get specialist advice straight away.

  • Do not wait to get advice
  • Do not leave your home empty
  • Do not open the door to bailiffs

Get information from Shelter about:

Eviction of private tenants

Eviction of council tenants

Eviction of housing association tenants

Illegal eviction

Stopping an Eviction

You can ask for a Court hearing to stop the eviction yourself if you can’t get to see an adviser in time. But you must do this before the date of eviction or it will be too late.

  1. Use the form N244 below
  2. Fill it in and take it to Willesden County Court at 9 Acton Lane NW10 8SB. It is in Harlesden near the Jubilee Clock. The phone number is 020 8963 8200. The Court Office is open from 10.00 to 4.00 on weekdays
  3. You will have to pay a fee of £35.00 when you hand in the form. If you take proof you get Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance or Pension Credit with you the Court office might let you off the fee. If they decide to let you off the fee you have to fill another form in, form EX160

Courts and Tribunal Service – downloadable Application Notice form N244

Courts and Tribunal Service – downloadable guide to filling in form N244

If there is time before the eviction date and you need help find a local adviser.

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Possession Order from the Court

Don’t ignore the Possession Order. It is a serious step your landlord takes to get possession of your home. You might end up being homeless. Brent Council will not give you another permanent home.

You need specialist advice straight away. But you can still take action yourself to sort things out.

  1. Call your landlord or Housing Officer and tell them you are asking for debt advice. Ask them to stop possession action until you have seen an adviser
  2. Follow up the call with an email or letter. If it is a letter keep a copy of it for yourself
  3. Read the Possession Order for what it says you must pay towards your rent and arrears and how often
  4. Make these payments until you get to see an adviser. If you don’t make the payments on the Possession Order your landlord can take more action against you.

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Get information about Possession Orders from:

Citizens Advice Bureau


Get information about changing Possession orders from:


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