County Court Judgement (CCJ)

You chose “I have got a Country Court Judgement or CCJ”. You need specialist debt advice.

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You can still take action to start sorting things out right now.

  1. If you agree you owe the money but don’t agree that the Judgement was made properly you can appeal against it.
    Citizens Advice Bureau – changing a Judgement
  2. If you don’t agree you owe the money you can
    the Government – ask the Court to set the Judgement aside
  3. If you are vulnerable for example you are disabled, live with a long term illness, are pregnant or have children you should
    • tell the people you owe money to straight away why you are vulnerable
    • tell them you are looking for advice and help with the debt.
    • ask them to stop taking action while you get advice

Taking action on a Country Court Judgement is important because they can affect your credit rating.Companies use your credit rating to decide if they should lend to you. If you have a ‘bad’ credit rating you are less likely to get credit.

Money Advice Service – how CCJs affect your credit rating

Citizens Advice Bureau – County Court Judgements and your credit rating – overview

National Debtline – CCJs and court action

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