I have debts

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Step 1. Do you owe the money?

If you get a letter, call or email saying you owe money first decide if you do owe it. If you believe you do not owe the money don’t ignore the letter. Take action to show the creditor you don’t owe the money. ‘Creditors’ is the name for the people or company who believe you owe them money.

Talk to your creditors as soon as they get in touch with you about a debt.

Watch this video from Money Advice Service about talking to the people you owe money to.

Read what this video says

Speak to the company or person who says you have debts with them now and:

  1. ask for the full name of the person you are speaking to and write it down
  2. tell them why you don’t owe the money
  3. if you don’t understand what they say to you, tell them and ask them to explain it again
  4. make a note of what they say

If they insist you owe them the money:

  1. tell them you will be getting help to sort things out now
  2. ask them to stop taking action while you get advice
  3. keep your letters and notes where you can find them – you will need them again

What to do now

What you do now depends on what stage your debts have reached not just on the amount you owe. Choose one of the two options below to find advice:

OPTION 1 → What stage are my debts at?

OPTION 2 → What do you owe on?

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