How to do a Personal Budget

Everyone can work out a Personal Budget. You don’t need to have any special skill or knowledge to do it. Personal Budgets are also called Financial Statements.

If you have trouble paying bills or are in debt you can use your Personal Budget to show the people or company you owe money to:

  • why they should accept lower payments from you or
  • that they should offer you a different deal because you can’t pay the one you have now

There are lots of tips and tools to help you do a Personal Budget. We have looked at them and brought some good ones together here. If you find another good one, tell us.

Tips for doing your Personal Budget

Watch a video from The Money Charity introducing Personal Budgets

Watch a video from Money Saving Expert with tips about doing a budget.

Money Saving Expert – what’s the point of a budget?

Money Saving Expert – The Piggy Bank Technique to sticking to a budget


On-Line Tools for Budgeting

Citizens Advice Bureau Budget tool

How to use Citizens Advice Bureau’s Budget tool

Money Advice Service Budget Planner

MoneySavingExpert Budget Planner

Money Advice Service Budget Planner

The Money Charity Budget Builder


Tools to Download and fill in by hand

Download the Citizens Advice Bureau Budget tool


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