Behind with Non-priority Bills

You are building up debts.

Don’t ignore it. The people or company you owe money to could start to take action about the debt.

But you can take action to sort things out right now.

  1. Check to see what stage your debt is at. This matters just as much as the amount you owe. If you’re not sure what stage your debt is at check the last letter, text or email you got about this bill and what it says. Then choose What stage is my debt at below to check what your next steps are.
  2. If your debt is very urgent, call National Debtline of PayPlan straight away to get free debt advice. The numbers are on the right hand side of this page. Or choose Find a local adviser below.
  3. If your debt is less urgent find help to get in control of your debt by doing a Personal Budget. Choose How to do a personal budget below.

What stage is my debt at

Find a local adviser

How to do a Personal Budget


When you’ve done your Personal Budget go back to Money for more help.

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