Credit cards and store cards are a very expensive way of borrowing money. Companies want you to borrow money from them using cards because they make a lot of money from it not because they are a good way for you to borrow.

Never borrow money on credit cards if you can find another way of borrowing.

If you do use a credit card aim to pay off what you spend on it every month or you can end up with very expensive debts.

How cards work

Make sure you understand how credit cards work before you apply for one or use it to buy anything with.

Find advice about how credit cards work from:

Citizens Advice Bureau

Money Advice Service

There are different types of plastic cards: credit cards, store cards and charge cards:

Find out about the differences between cards

Always compare the different deals that are on offer at the time you are thinking about applying for a card. Only apply for a card if you are sure you can pay off what you’ll spend on it each month. Use comparison websites to look for the right card offer for you.

Find advice from Citizens Advice Bureau about:

Getting the best deals

Comparing the cost of different credit deals

Find advice from Money Advice Service about:

How to use credit card comparison tables

Credit agreements

Like any loan you have to sign an agreement to get a credit card.

Find advice about credit terms and conditions

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