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Tips for renewing your visa

  1. Get advice at least 2 months before your visa expires if you need help to get it renewed.
  2. Wait until there are 28 days or less before your visa expires if you are doing it yourself.
  3. Do not give false evidence to support your visa application. It is a criminal offence.
  4. Get advice if:
    • the reason you got your last visa do not apply now, or
    • you have been arrested for anything since you got your last visa
  5. Only send your visa application to the Home Office when there are 28 days or less before your visa expires. Do not send you application before this. Your application will be invalid if you send it too soon. Invalid applications mean:
    • your lose your fee money, and
    • you might accidentally become an ‘over-stayer’ because of delays with the Home office decision
  6. If your situation is the same when you got your last visa say so.
  7. Send your application to the Home Office using Recorded Delivery. Recorded Delivery gives you proof of the date you sent it. Proof of the date is important. Your permission to be in the UK is continuous if there are fewer than 28 days between one visa finishing and another one starting.

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Get advice if

  • there is a gap of 28 days or more between your visas because this means your residence in the UK is not continuous. This is a problem if you ever want to stay permanently in the UK
  • your visa renewal application is refused. You have a right of appeal if your visa renewal application is refused. Get advice if this happens
  • you need to have visa conditions removed

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