My visa expired more than 28 days ago

You are an over-stayer according to immigration rules. Over-staying breaks immigration rules and is a criminal offence.

You can take action to sort this out

People are stopped from renewing their visa on time for different reasons.


Reasons that stop people renewing on time

  1. You came to the UK as a child under 18 years old
    You have over-stayed because your parents did not sort out your immigration status properly and you did not know about this.
  2. You could not afford to renew your visa
    You were working and did not earn enough money to pay the fees and all your living expenses
  3. You were seriously ill
    You were not well enough to renew your visa on time
  4. A family member in the UK was seriously ill or died
    You were caring for a family member or a family member died and you were not up to renewing your visa on time.


You have a good chance of getting the new visa if:

  • you have a good reason for being late, and
  • you have proof to back this up

Choose Getting proof for more help with this.


No right of appeal

Get advice before you try to renew your visa if you are an over-stayer because you do not have a current visa. You have no right of appeal if your application is refused.

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Getting proof

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