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Is it reasonable for you to leave the UK?


You can only ask for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK if you can show it is unreasonable to ask you to leave.

The Home Office can decide it is unreasonable to make you leave, if any of these 3 things are true about you and you have proof of it:

  1. you have lived in the UK for 7 years or more, or
  2. you have been in Social Services care in Brent or another area in the UK, or
  3. you are in Social Services care now


You will not have a strong case for Indefinte Leave to Remain right now if

  • none of these things is true, or
  • if you cannot get proof.

Choose Getting proof below for help with this. Then get advice if you believe you can show it is not reasonable to ask you to leave the UK. Choose Find a local adviser below.


You can still ask for Discretionary Leave to Remain if you can not show it is unreasonable to ask you to leave the UK.

Choose Discretionary Leave to Remain to understand what this means for you.


Getting proof

Discretionary Leave to Remain

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