Children born in UK territories


Was your child born in

  • the UK, or
  • in a British Overseas Territory

Maps of the World – map of the 14 British overseas territories


Answer 1 ‘My child was born in a British Overseas Territory’

Answer 2 ‘My child was born in the UK’

OK, now go on to the question below.



When your child was born, were either you or your child’s other parent

  • a British citizen, or
  • settled, with no conditions attached to your immigration status in the UK, or
  • in the UK Armed Forces


Answer 1 ‘None of these apply’

Answer 2 ‘Yes 1 or more applies’ – entitlement pathway

You are entitled to register your child as a British citizen otherwise than by descent.  Choose Applying to register below.

If you are divorced, legally separated, unmarried or a same sex couple, choose Key words and phrases below to understand if that affects your pathway.


Key words and phrases

Applying to Register


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