European National parents


Are you a national of any of these places?

  • A country in the European Economic Area
  • Switzerland
  • an Accession 8 country

the Government – European Economic Area (E.E.A.)

Wikipedia – Accession 8 countries


Answer 1 ‘No I am not a European national’ 

Answer 2 ‘Yes I am a European national’ – discretion pathway

Children born in the UK to parents who are European Economic Area nationals, Swiss nationals and nationals of A8 countries can sometimes automatically be British Citizens.  But it depends on

  • how long you have lived in the UK, and
  • how you exercise your treaty rights here, and
  • when your child was born

The Home Office has discretion with most applications to register a child of E.E.A. national parents as British. This is a complicated area of law.

Get advice if you are a European parent wanting to register a child as a British Citizen.



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