Support for people seeking asylum

National Asylum Support Service

The National Asylum Support Service (NASS) is support for people claiming asylum who are destitute. ‘Destitute’ means you do not have a home or money to pay for your essential living expenses for the next 2 weeks.

You get this support by filling in a form. Your adviser might be able to help you to do this.

Asylum support is very limited. If you are destitute you will be given

  1. Somewhere to live. You do not have a choice about where you live.The home will be outside London unless you have a serious medical condition and get specialist care from a doctor in London
  2. A Post Office account and an Application Registration Card. NASS will pay money into the Post Office account and you use the Application Registration Card to get this money. You will get £36.95 a week for each person in your household who is part of your asylum application.


If you do get help from the NASS, you will get it:

  • all through the time you are claiming asylum, and
  • until the time all your appeals have ended, and
  • up to one month after you are given leave to remain in the UK.


the Government – overview of asylum support

the Government – From ASF1 apply for support

the Government – guide to Form ASF1


If you have friends or relatives in the UK

You will not get help from NASS if you have friends or relatives in the UK who can support you with money and a place to live.  You might get money from NASS and still live with them, if you can show that your friends and relatives cannot afford to give you money.


Other types of help

Other sources of money

Asylum Help – help with support applications

Refugee Council – destitution support directory


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