Proof for an asylum application

Your passport

If you have a passport, look after it. If you lose it:

  • report it to the police, and
  • get a record of the report you make from the police and keep it safe.

Objective proof about your need for asylum

Use these links to find objective proof about your need for asylum. ‘Objective’ means fair, even-handed, unbiased and

  • it is not just your view or word about things, and
  • many different people in your country of origin agree with your view, and
  • it is reported in newspapers, on the internet, television, or radio.

Country Profiles

The Government

Migration Policy Institute

United Nations Development Programme

Transparency International


News reports online

BBC – World Service online

Reuters international news agency

International newspapers online

International news online

International radio stations online

Details about your case

Work with your adviser to remember all the details of your case. Use the BAM Case Details tool to help you.

BAM Case Details Tool

Choose 1 of the 2 options below.

Option 1 – Support for asylum seekers

Option 2 – Accredited immigration advisers

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