How do I apply for asylum in the UK?

Certified Countries

You cannot get asylum in the UK if your country of origin is on the Government list of certified countries. The Government says in certified countries:

  • everyone can get protection from the government, police and army; and
  • these countries are safe for everyone to live in.

The government does not make it easy to find out which these countries are.

The Government – list of certified countries is on page 26

Get legal advice if your country of origin is on the certified countries list and you still need to claim asylum in the UK.


Help while you are waiting

You can get help from the National Asylum Support Service when you apply for asylum. You have to fill a form in. You can get help to fill the form in from an adviser if you need it. Choose Support for asylum seekers below for help with this.


Making an asylum application for the first time

Getting in touch with the Asylum Screening Unit is the first step. Choose Asylum Screening Unit below.

the Government – the process of claiming asylum

Asylum Aid – the process made simple

the Law Society – claiming asylum Large Print


Find a local adviser

Choose 1 of the 3 options below

Option 1 – Asylum Screening Unit

Option 2 – Support for asylum seekers

Option 3 – Accredited immigration advisers


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