Claiming asylum in the UK is not always straightforward. Get advice from an accredited immigration adviser before you apply for asylum. Choose Accredited immigration advisers below for help with this.

Costs of applying for asylum in the UK

Fees for applying

There are no fees for making an application for asylum.

Costs of accredited legal advice

All legal advice for asylum applications qualifies for Legal Aid. Legal Aid is money from the Government. It is paid to legal advisers to help you with your case. But if you or your family have got access to income or assets then you might have to pay some legal costs. Your legal adviser will tell you more about this.


Choose 1 of the 7 options below

Option 1 – When can I apply for asylum?

Option 2 – How do I apply for asylum?

Option 3 – Proof for my application

Option 4 – Decisions about asylum applications

Option 5 – Appealing against asylum decisions

Option 6 – Support for asylum seekers

Option 7 – Accredited immigration advisers


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