Pests and vermin

Pests and vermin are thing like rats, mice, cockroaches, wasps, ants, fleas, bedbugs and silverfish.

Tackling pests and vermin

Take steps yourself

Do not feed pests and vermin. Keep your home clean especially the kitchen. Get rid of traces of food. Store food in sealed containers. Do not leave food out uncovered. Seal up bins and bin bags properly. Use a bird table if you want to feed garden birds

Do not make them comfortable. Do not leave old furniture, mattresses or rubbish in your garden. These make a great place for mice and rats to nest.

BPCA – an A to Z of pests and vermin

BPCA – free pest identification service

BCPA – find a pest controller

Shelter – how to deal with pests and vermin

NHAS – dealing with pests and vermin

Who is responsible for sorting out pests and vermin?

If pests or vermin get in because of holes in the floor or walls then your landlord is responsible.

Check your tenancy agreement for what it says about the landlord keeping your home “fit to live in” or “in a good condition”. This is what makes your landlord responsible for dealing with pests and vermin.

Citizens Advice Bureau – who sorts out pests and vermin?

Shelter – who sorts out pests and vermin

Brent Council Environmental Health

Really bad pest and vermin problems are a statutory nuisance. ‘Statutory nuisance’ means the problem is so bad it affects people health and safety.

Report the problem to Brent Council Environmental Health team if the problem is so bad it is

  • a risk to your health or
  • it is affecting your neighbours as well

Choose Template letter asking for council help below.

Citizens Advice Bureau – statutory nuisance and councils

Citizens Advice Bureau – template letter asking for council’s help

Brent Council wants to charge people for dealing with pests and vermin. But if your problem is so bad it is a statutory nuisance then the Council Environmental Health team must inspect the problem for free.

Brent Council do not publish a phone number to complain about statutory nuisance. Call the switchboard on 020 8937 1234 and ask to be put through the Environmental Health Enforcement Officer in the Environmental Health Team.

Brent Council – pest control services you pay for

Brent Council – what pests will they deal with

Now choose Making your landlord do repairs below

Making landlords do repairs

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