Making landlords do repairs

Know your rights

Know your rights about making your landlord do repairs.

  1. Read your tenancy agreement for what it says about your landlord doing repairs. It says what your contract rights are
  1. If the repair is your statutory right it does not matter what your tenancy agreement says. ‘Statutory means your right by law. Your landlord cannot legally get out of their responsibility. Choose Your rights on repairs below for help with this.

Your rights on repairs

Repairs and your rent

Do not stop paying the rent if your landlord will not do the repair.

Not paying the rent just gives your landlord a legal reason to force you to leave.

5 steps to make your landlord do repairs

Follow these 5 steps to make your landlord do the repairs that are their responsibility.

1. Tell your landlord as soon as you need a repair done.

Keep a record every time you ask for a repair. Report any repair problems in writing. If you speak to your landlord always follow that up in writing. Date your letter and keep a copy. You can prove your landlord knew about the problem. Choose Report a repair template below to help you.

Shelter – Report a repair template letter

NHAS – reporting repairs fact sheet

2. Give your landlord reasonable time to do the repair.

What is a ‘reasonable’ amount of time depends on things like:

  • how urgent the repair is and if it affects your health or safety or
  • how big the repair is
  • if a specialist contractor is needed or just a local repair company

3. Give your landlord or their workmen access to your home to do repairs.

This might mean taking time off work or leaving keys with a trusted neighbour or friend.

4. If they do not do the repairs

Write a letter or email to your landlord or landlord’s agent including:

  • all the times you asked for a repair
  • what the repair was
  • when you told them about it
  • how you and your family have suffered because the repairs have not been done

Choose Repair reminder template below to help you.

Shelter – Repair reminder template letter

5. If they still do not do the repairs write to your landlord to say will get Brent Council involved to inspect your home.

The Council can order your landlord to do repairs. Choose Letter before action template below for help with this. Or choose Find a local adviser.

Shelter – Letter before action template

Find a local adviser

Brent Council action on repairs

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