Heating and hot water

Tackling heating and hot water problems

It is your landlord’s responsibility to repair heating and hot water systems that are not working properly.

Your landlord must get the right people to:

  • check and maintain your boiler or radiators regularly and
  • check why they stop working or why they are leaking and
  • repair them so they are working properly and
  • replace them if they cannot be repaired

If your system works on gas your landlord must get a Gas Safe registered plumber.

This is the Gas Safe logo

Gas Safe Logo

NHAS – gas safety

Gas Safe – Gas Safe register


If it works on electricity they must use a Registered Competent Person – RCP.

This is the RCP logo

Registered Competent Person logo

Electrical Safety First – RCP register

Electrical Safety First – tenants electrical safety checklist

Electrical Safety First – landlord electrical safety checklist

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Making landlords do repairs

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