Damp and mould

Do not just paint over damp and mould and hope it goes away. This will make the problem worse. Tackle the cause of the problem to stop it happening again.

Citizens Advice Bureau – what is damp?

Which? – what sort of damp affects homes?

Tackling leaks

Check the roof or ceiling, walls and windows for holes or cracks. Check drainpipes gutters and plumbing for leaks. Leaks might come from a neighbour’s home.

Citizens Advice Bureau – leaks from a neighbour’s home

Landlords are responsible for repairs to stop damp and mould caused by leaks from

  • leaking pipes and
  • holes in the ceiling or roof and
  • broken window frames or holes in the walls

If you cannot find any leaks the problem might be condensation.

Tacking condensation

What damp and condensation looks like

What damp and condensation looks like

Things that cause moisture in the air at home

Condensation happens when there is a lot of moisture in the air in your home. It can come from cooking, washing and drying wet clothes. Some of them are the landlord’s responsibility to sort out and some of them are yours.

What causes moisture in the air

Watch a video about what condensation is

Your responsibility to tackle condensation

Tenants have a responsibility to tackle condensation. Here is how you can do it.

  • always open a window when cooking, washing or drying clothes indoors
  • open the curtains during the day when you are home
  • always check the instructions on your heating system so you can use it properly
  • use absorbent strips or silica containers on windowsills and kitchen cupboards – you can buy this from DIY stores

Your landlord’s responsibility to tackle condensation

Landlords have a responsibility to tackle condensation when

  • there is not enough ventilation like extractor fans or windows that open safely
  • there is not enough insulation in the walls so the walls feel very cold
  • there is not enough heating

Ask your landlord if they will make changes to improve things like:

  • giving you an extra heater
  • fitting ventilation like an extractor fan
  • putting more insulation in the walls
  • giving you a dehumidifier

Citizens Advice Bureau – landlords responsibilities on condensation

NHBC – dealing with condensation

NLA video – controlling condensation and mould

CSE – tackling damp, condensation and mould

DoItYourself.com – what absorbs moisture

Which? – dehumidifiers

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