Your rights on rent increases

Your right to notice about rent increases

You have a right to get notice about a rent increase. ‘Notice’ means your landlord has to tell you that they want to increase the rent, before they do.

The amount of time you get should be at least 1 month but could be longer. This depends on

  • what sort of tenancy you have and
  • on how often you pay the rent.

That could be every week, every month, once every three months or once a year.

Your right to challenge rent increases

Social housing rent increases

Council and housing association rent increases usually happen once a year, every year.

Your landlord normally has to give you at least 4 weeks’ notice in writing before a rent increase. But they do not have to consult you about proposed increases. ‘Consult’ means finding out what you think first.

It can be difficult to challenge a rent increase if you rent from a social landlord like Brent Council or a housing association. This is because the Government sets the rent increases rules.

From April 2015 the maximum rate that social landlords can increase your rent by is the same as the Consumer Price Index in September 2014 plus 1%

The Consumer Price Index in September 2014 was 1.2%

So the most that your rent can increase by in 2015 is 1.2% + 1% = 2.2%

Check your tenancy agreement to see what it says about how the rent can be increased

Shelter – social housing rent increases

Private housing rent increases

You have a right to challenge a rent increases if you think the increase is unfair. ‘Unfair’ means:

  • your rent has gone up a lot one go or
  • the landlord increases your rent often
  • the landlord increases the rent before they can do it legally

But the landlord might evict you if you challenge a rent increase.

Shelter – private tenancy rent increases

The Government – private tenancy rent increases

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