Eviction because of repairs

Who is at risk?

Sometimes landlords will try to evict tenants when they ask for repairs to be done. This is retaliatory eviction. ‘Retaliatory’ means getting revenge or paying someone back.

Normally only private tenants are at risk of retaliatory eviction. If you have an assured shorthold tenancy the law makes it straight forward for landlords to evict you. Choose Tenancy Checker below to work out what tenancy you have.

Tenancy Checker

Shelter – are you at risk of eviction

the Government – my landlord wants me out

Right now retaliatory eviction is not against the law. But a new law passed in 2015 that gives a bit more protection to new tenants from October 2015. If your tenancy starts before October 2015 this law cannot protect you.

What to do if you are at risk?

  1. Always report repairs to your landlord. If you do not tell them your landlord might say the problem was your fault and keep your deposit.  Choose Making landlords do repairs below.
  2. If your landlord is evicting you because of repairs choose Find a local adviser below

Repairs, harassment and illegal eviction

Sometimes landlords harass tenants who ask for repairs. Harassment is against the law and is sometimes a criminal offence. Choose Harassment below for more help with this.

Harassment to force a tenant to leave is illegal eviction. Illegal evictions can be stopped if you take action in time. Choose Sorting problems with harassment below for help with this. Or choose Find a local adviser


Sorting problems with harassment

Making landlords do repairs

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