While the Council decides

What happens while the Council decides about my homeless application?

The Council has a legal duty to give some people a temporary place to live while it makes a decision.

Brent Council should give you somewhere temporary to live if the Housing Options Officer you saw has a reason to believe you may be :

  • eligible for help according to the law and
  • actually homeless right now and
  • in priority need.

The legal tests you have to pass to get somewhere temporary to live are less strict than the legal tests for getting somewhere permanent to live. This means there should be more people who get a temporary home than who get a permanent home.

But Brent Council does not always do this. If they do not offer you somewhere temporary to live then

  • ask the Housing Options Officer to put their reasons in writing for you there and then
  • stay calm but be determined
  • make sure the letter is on the Council’s headed paper
  • tell the Housing Options Officer you will get advice about getting the decision looked at again
  • take the letter to a local adviser. Choose Find a local adviser below

How long will a decision take?

It depends on your situation and on the type of questions the Council needs to answer.

The Council must take into account all the information you give them and do their own research. Give yourself the best chance by always:

  • answering their phone calls or replying to their letters and
  • giving the information they ask for

The Council should take about a month to make a final decision but it might take longer. There is no time limit. If you get worried speak to the Housing Options Officer dealing with your case.

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