Applying to Brent Council as homeless

What are my chances of getting a home from Brent Council?

5 facts about social housing in Brent

  1. The Council and Brent housing associations let about 500 social rent homes to people between April 2013 and March 2014
  2. They let about 650 homes between April 2014 an March 2015
  3. This is around 10% of the people that need social housing in Brent
  4. Homeless people in Brent never go to the top of the waiting list automatically
  5. Brent Council will only offer homeless people somewhere to live if the law says it must

It is very hard to get Brent Council to accept people as homeless. If you have a home of your own right now it will be very hard to get the Council to agree you are homeless.

Shelter – are you homeless?

Shelter – emergency accommodation from the council

Citizens Advice Bureau – help for homeless people

Homeless UK – find day centres or hostels in Brent

Citizens Advice Bureau – finding somewhere to live

Brent Council – help for vulnerable people in Brent

Getting ready to apply as homeless

The Council has a process to decide about your homeless application. We will take you through this step by step on these pages. Getting ready is the first step.

Get ready to talk the Council about your housing need

  1. Put the facts about your situation in writing. Use it when you talk to the Council. Choose Template letter below to help you
  2. Make two copies of this letter. Keep one yourself and give the other to the Housing Options Officer when you see them
  3. Call Brent Council and ask for the Housing Options Team. Tell them you need make an application as homeless. Ask for an appointment and ask what information and papers to bring. Make a note.
  4. Collect as much of the information as you can before you go. Choose Meeting the Housing Options Officer below.
  5. Talk your situation through with an adviser before you go. Choose Find a local adviser below or use a national helpline on the right hand side of this page. It is at the bottom if you are using a mobile.
  6. Or try Emergency rights checker below

Template homeless application letter

Meeting the Housing Options Officer

Shelter – Emergency rights checker

Find a local adviser

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