Sorting out problems with harassment

It is against the civil law for your landlord, their family or letting agent to harass anyone because of their protected characteristics. ‘Protected characteristics’ means your gender, race, belief or sexuality. Harassment because of these reasons is discrimination.

Citizens Advice Bureau – discrimination in housing

Citizens Advice Bureau – the law about discrimination in housing

You can take action to stop your landlord, their family or letting agent harassing you.

Tell your landlord to stop harassing you

1. Keep a record of all the times your landlord or letting agent is harassing you. Build up the record so you have evidence. Use the template harassment record sheet below to help you. Take photos if you can. Record noise or conversations on your phone if you can.

2. Tell the person who is harassing you what they are doing is causing you problems how it affects you and your family, and that the law says you have a statutory right to quiet enjoyment of your home. What they are doing might be classed as harassment under the law.

3. Put this in writing in an email or letter. Include a copy of the harassment log you have made. Check your rights on harassment to help you write the letter. Choose your rights on harassment below.

NHAS – how to handle harassment

Shelter – how to deal with harassment link

Template – harassment record

Your rights on harassment

Get Brent Council involved

4. If the person harassing you does not stop or starts doing something else call Brent Council Housing Needs can on 020 8937 1234. Ask them to investigate the problem. Give them all the details about the problem. Send them a copy of your letters and harassment records about the problem.

5. Brent Council should try to sort out the problem by speaking with the person harassing you. If there is enough evidence to show that your landlord has committed a crime the Council has the power to prosecute landlords. But they do not try to prosecute many landlords.

6. If you are not happy with what Brent Council do you should make a complaint. Call on 020 8937 1234 and say you want to make a complaint. Or fill in a complaint form. Choose Brent Council online complaints below.

Making a complaint to Brent Council

Brent Council online complaint form

Get the police involved

7. Speak to the police. Harassment can be a criminal offence but it is sometimes difficult to get the police to help you. If the person harassing you is violent or makes threats of violence the police are more likely to come to your home quickly to stop it.

8. Think about taking your landlord to court. You can ask a court to give you an injunction. An ‘injunction’ is a court order telling someone to stop threatening your legal right to live peacefully in your home. If this works you can also ask for compensation. Choose Illegal eviction below to help you. Or choose Find a local adviser below.

Illegal eviction

Find a local adviser

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