Notice about leaving

No landlord can just tell you to leave without giving you a reasonable amount of notice.

‘Notice’ means letting you know the date the landlord wants you to leave. The law says how much notice your landlord has to give you. It depends on what type of tenancy you have.

Some people have a right to get notice in writing. Other people do not.

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People with no right to written notice

Some people only have a right to get notice from their landlord orally. After the notice period runs out they have to leave. But the law says the amount of notice still has to be reasonable. ‘Reasonable’ depends on how often you pay the rent and what sort of tenancy you have. If you pay rent every week, ‘reasonable’ can be as little as 1 week’s notice. But normally it is 4 weeks or more.

The landlord:

  • does not have to give this notice in writing and
  • does not have to get a Court Order to make you leave.

This applies to you if:

  • you share facilities like a kitchen or bathroom with your landlord or
  • your landlord lives in the same building as you and you share facilities with a member of their family or
  • you live in a hostel owned by the council or some housing associations or
  • you are in a temporary home you got from Brent Council while it decides about your homeless application or
  • you do not pay any rent for where you live.

Choose Tenancy Checker and Eviction Rights Checker below to see if this applies to you.

Shelter – Tenancy Checker

Shelter – eviction rights checker

Shelter – subtenants

Shelter – lodgers

Shelter – basic protection occupiers

Shelter – excluded occupiers

Shelter – what rights to I have

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If this does not apply you have the right to written notice about leaving. Choose Your right to written notice below.

Your right to a written notice

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