Drugs and alcohol

Drugs means:

  • street drugs – illegal drugs, or
  • legal highs – street drugs that are not illegal, or
  • prescription drugs – drugs that you GP prescribes for you that are legal

Alcohol and tobacco are both drugs that are legal to buy if you are over 18 years old.

Sometimes people use drugs or alcohol to help them cope. Drinking alcohol or taking drugs can sometimes get out of control and cause problems.

Use the links below to understand what effect alcohol and drugs can have or find help.

About drugs

NHS – fact sheets about drugs

NHS – the effects of drugs

FRANK – the effects of drugs

FRANK – the truth about drugs

About alcohol

NHS – fact sheets about drinking alcohol

Drinkaware – health effects of alcohol

NHS – drinking self-assessment

Change4Life – effects of alcohol

About tobacco

SmokeFree – frequently asked questions about smoking

SmokeFree – effects of smoking on your body

Healthline – effects of smoking on your body

Local services to help you stop

There is a single contact for anyone who needs help because of problems with alcohol or taking drugs in Brent. You can get in touch with them

  • yourself, or
  • ask someone to refer you, like your GP, social worker or carer

The single point of contacts is:

Addaction Brent TARS

Cobbold Road Treatment and Recovery Centre

97 Cobbold Road, London NW10 9SU.

Addiction Helpline

Addaction in Brent have a Helpline that is open every day and night. Call at any time if you want help with problems with alcohol or drugs.

Helpline 0800 107 1754

Other services in Brent

Brent Stop Smoking Service

FRANK – find support for problems with drugs or alcohol

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