What is dementia?

Dementia is a word used for a group of symptoms caused by different diseases that affect the brain. ‘Symptom’ means a sign or indication.

Your risk of developing dementia increases as you get older but not all older people develop dementia. Dementia is not a natural part of getting older because it is caused by diseases that damage the brain.

Alzheimer’s Society – what is dementia?

NHS – about dementia

Symptoms associated with dementia

This list of symptoms is in alphabetical order. It does not put the most common symptom first or the most important symptom first. Signs of dementia include:

  • depression;
  • judgement;
  • language – difficulty finding the right words;
  • memory loss;
  • mental agility – it is more difficult to do things that take concentration and planning;
  • mental confusion – periods when people are confused or cannot understanding what is happening to them;
  • personality and mood – changes in thinking – thought processes slow down.

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