Lung disease

The medical name for lung disease chronic respiratory disease. ‘Chronic’ means something lasting for a long time or something happening again and again. ‘Respiratory’ is to do with breathing, your airways and your lungs.

There are 4 common chronic respiratory diseases:


NHS – asthma information

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD

NHS – COPD information

Occupational lung disease

British Lung Foundation – information about risks at work

Pulmonary hypertension

A type of high blood pressure that affects the airways to your heart

NHS – pulmonary hypertension information


Chronic respiratory disease support

British Lung Foundation helpline

Breath Easy Brent

Asthma UK helpline

Asbestos Disease UK

Breath ON UK

Living Well with COPD

BLF online patients forum

Patient Info – COPD online forum


Reducing your Risk

Stopping smoking is the only proven way reduce your risk. Stopping smoking:

  • at an early stage makes a huge difference;
  • can slow down the loss of your lung function.



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