Re-ablement services

What is a re-ablement service?

People can lose skills or confidence after a period of poor health or a stay in hospital.

Re-ablement services:

  • are short term and intensive, and
  • help people get back their skills and confidence, and
  • can also be about learning new ways of staying independent.

They help you do as much as you can for yourself, rather than someone doing things for you, like:

  • getting washed and dressed, or
  • making meals, or
  • walking and mobility around your home and outside, or
  • choosing equipment to help manage daily tasks and keep you safe

You can get the Re-ablement service if you:

  • are 18 years of age or over, and
  • have substantial or critical social care needs because you
  • have gone home after spending time in hospital, or
  • have a physical disability, or
  • are feeling frail and need support to remain in your own home, or
  • want to build up confidence to live independently

Will I have to pay for re-ablement?

You will not have to pay for re-ablement services that last up to 6 weeks. You may need to pay towards the cost if you need a re-ablement service after that.

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