Paying for social care

Do I have to pay for services?

Care and support services are not free to everyone. Most people have to pay something towards their own care. Some will have to pay for all of the costs.

What you have to pay depends on:

  • what your needs are, and
  • how much money you have, and
  • what level and type of care and support you require.

There are different rules for what you have to pay for residential and non-residential care. ‘Residential’ care means the care you get if you do not live in your own rented or owned home.

Brent Council will do a financial assessment with you. The financial assessment will look at your income and your capital. ‘Capital’ means savings and investments.

Money Advice Service – means test for care costs

Brent Council – paying for your care

NHS – funding your care

Citizens Advice Bureau – help with health costs

Alzheimer’s Society – paying for care and support

Disability Rights UK – community care costs in England

Age UK – paying for residential care



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Option 1 Social Care Assessments

Option 2 Being eligible for social care services

Option 3 Care and support plans

Option 4 Personal budgets and direct payments

Option 5 Re-ablement services

Option 6 If you are a carer

Option 7 Making a complaint


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